Lost Intellectuals

Former Prof Writes New Fiction Book on Dark Secrets of Academia Vancouver, BC - (Release Date TBD) - A graduate student dies mysteriously. Meanwhile, feminists gather for the first time to look into sexism and harassment. Ideologies clash as Marxists contend with behaviorists and postmodernists. Two more deaths occur at the university, and the police are too quick to pronounce either natural causes or suicide. But has the truth remained uncovered? Former professor and pioneering feminist Pat Duffy Hutcheon pens a provocative novel on the dark secrets inside the hallowed halls of higher learning in her new book, Something Lost.

The year is 1976, and tumult is brewing in a university campus in Southwestern Canada. The protagonist adheres to an amalgam of ideologies and promotes her beliefs inside the four corners of the classroom. But when these ideologies are used to harm people, can she justify her inaction? Or
will she be able to confront herself for her role, however unintentional, in the events that occurred? Hutcheon is an adept writer who drops niggling hints that something evil is happening, but it would take thirty years before the truth is finally revealed by a relentless investigative journalist.

Something Lost provides a historical and social glimpse of Canada at that time. As the mysterious deaths are unraveled, Hutcheon draws readers into the major political issues during this revolutionary period. Marxism, feminism, and postmodernism captured the hearts and minds of the
intellectuals. But how would they be able to reconcile their beliefs when dogmatism demands denial of the truth?

About the Author
Pat Duffy Hutcheon is a former educator and sociologist. She earned a B.Ed. with a major in history from the University of Alberta, an M.A. in sociology and anthropology from the University of Calgary, and a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Queensland, Australia. She also headed the
Educational Foundations Department at the University of Regina. She has received a number of awards, including a Canadian Humanist of the Year 2000 from the Canadian Humanist Association (CHA) and the Distinguished Humanist Service Award from the American Humanist Association (AHA) in 2001. She was one of the drafters of the new Humanist Manifesto III issued in 2003 by the

Hutcheon is the author of over eighty articles and chapters in books, as well as a few poems and short stories. Her scholarly articles have appeared in journals in Holland, Norway, Belgium, Britain, Ireland and Australia as well as in Canada and the United States. Her 1975 textbook, A Sociology of
Canadian Education, was the first ever published on that subject and was widely used nationally and internationally. Her other books are: Leaving the Cave: Evolutionary Naturalism in Social Scientific Thought; Building Character and Culture; and The Road to Reason: Landmarks in the Evolution of
Humanist Thought. The Road to Reason has been translated into Japanese and Korean and is now published in Japan.

Something Lost * By Pat Duffy Hutcheon
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358 pages; 1-4134-4074-6
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